Aug 17, 2012


Between the dreamy cover of Jaimee's summer reading suggestion and Stephanie's instagram post of her travels in Positano, my mind has been on the Mediterranean this week. This Friday Fashion post sums up just about everything you need for a day strolling the streets of coastal Italy.

1. Inspiration for this post. Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins. Buy it at your local bookstore! Here's mine.
2. ASOS {on sale. holler.}
3. Impossible Project vintage Polaroid for snapping photos of the Italian beau you're sure to meet.
4. Madge Residences - an upscale condominium in sunny Kuala Lumpur, I mean seriously!!
5. Michael Kors
6. Cleobella Mexicana Clutch
7. Splendid Shoes 
8. Ray-Ban


{Erica} said...

I need one of each please!

Jaimee said...

Thank you for the link, sweet girl! Can you teach me all your mad skills! Miss you. I want to go to Italy too.

stephANIE {NE} said...

Get your butt in that skirt an onto a plane!

stephANIE {NE} said...

also - i just took me 10 minutes to prove I'm not a robot becuase those damn captcha words are trouble.

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